Welcome to our website. My name is Happy Ndongo Jesse Carlton, founder of Carlton Smile Charity.

Our history in 5 dates

Why Smile Charity, 2013

Poverty sometimes is not only based on what we lack, but the inability to recognise tha value of what we have. In 2013 we decided to acknowledge our blessings and be a blessing to others.
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We needed a way to raise funds, but also materialise our spirit of togetherness. So we printed lime green rubber bands called « Smile bands » that were given to all members that contributed to our course. There are over 2000 Smile donors today across France, South Africa, Gabon, Cameroon and Zimbabwe. The lime green has a special meaning which i’d let you search ;)

The « Business Model », 2014

Sustainability has been based on what we call « Smile system »meaning we « only share what you have ». We didn’t go after projects we couldn’t afford and spend ages raising funds. Example : with a budget of $5 we would take the kids around town to visit. With $20 we would go around town and perhaps grap an ice cream. With a little more we might go to the movies .. Etc The end goal was the smile, whether big of small, the end goal is the smile.
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Smile4Peace, 2015

The north of Cameroon was affected by Boko Harama leaving behind thousands of orphans. With the participation of over 200 youths world wide, we took on a trip to the refugee camps inorder to bring light in a place where everything may have been considered as dark
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NationBuilders, 2017

Following the serious damage that was done in the North of Cameroon, we have choosed to participate in bringing back life to this region by enabling 100 kids make it to higher education.
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