Smile Is The Beginning
Of Peace.
- Mother Teresa.

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Over 50 projects throughout 5 countries reaching out to over 10 000 people & over 500 volunteers all over the world

About smile charity.


- We are all « needy » because everyone at all times is in need of something or someone.
- We can all be « generous »because every and anyone has something he can share with the other; From time to materials.

Our purpose & vision

- We exist to bridge the Gap between the generous and the needy.
- We strive to build a continent where loving, caring and sharing are the fundamental principles that drive our existence.

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Find an Orphanage.

Orphelinat de Mfou

Responsable : Madame Engama
Address : Mfou , Yaounde
Contact : 698 64 66 14

Orphelinat des œuvres sans voix

Resposable : Maman Monique
Address : PK 8 , Douala
Contact : 675 03 49 82

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